A Social First Agency.

WEEKFISH focuses on providing measurable results through customized social media marketing solutions. While we’ve probably worked with a company like yours, we take great pride in creating and offering tailored programs for each one of our clients.

Our social media savvy Experts are excited to take your brand to new and exciting (profitable) places. Read below to learn more about what you can expect from our process.

Our Social Media Process

What’s important to know about WEEKFISH and our process is that we don’t consider you just another organization to toss into our template because we don’t have one and successful social media can’t be cookie-cutter.

Your story, products, and customers’ needs are unique, so we spend time listening, researching, and learning as much as we can to create a customized process that delivers results.

Your WEEKFISH social media marketing strategy process will follow these steps

Let's Start Building Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media Management

Our social media managers will develop and implement the custom strategy needed to build and engage your target audience.


Social Media Ad Management

Highly targeted social advertising expedites results as we’re able to reach more potential customers at faster rates.


Social Media Content

The story you’re telling is important, but the way you share it is critical. Unique social posts are crafted for each social channel.


Consulting and Training - WEEKFISH Academy

Our social media managers will develop and implement the custom strategy needed to build your target audience.


Social Community Growth

Our team develops dynamic and interactive social engagement strategies to grow your communities with your target audience.

Social Promotions

WEEKFISH identifies opportunities to introduce advanced social engagement campaigns to drive both awareness and sales.


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